The FLEGREAN FIELDS - ludoviguida
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The Phlegrean

The Flegrean (“burning”) Fields are rich of volcanic activities, Roman villas, ports and miths.

You will be able to visit the city of Pozzuoli to see the Solfatara volcano, the ancient Hellenistic “Temple” of the Egyptian god Serapide or the imposing Flavian Amphitheatre, the third for dimension after the Colosseum.. Experience the underground Roman  city of “Rione Terra” and  its incredible temple inglobed into the church of S.Procolo.

You will be able to visit the city of Baia, which gives the name to its Bay and is a place of important archaeological sites, such as the magnificent Roman baths and the National Archaeological Museum of Flegrean Fields, where the most important statues and underwater findings are kept.

You will visit the archaeological city of Cuma, walking through its streets between Greek temples and see the famous “Antro della Sibilla” (the famous Sibilla witch’s cave), where Apollo’s priestess foretold future.

It could be nice to walk around the volcanic lakes, as the Lake Averno, legendary entrance to the Afterlife, or the Lake Fusaro with the splendid hunting reserve “Casina Vanvitelliana”, belonged to Ferdinand IV of Borbon, or the Lake Miseno, wich is close to the Roman cistern of the fleet: the Piscina Mirabilis.

-> Ludoviguida suggest: try the flavoured seefoods of the area.