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A visit through the “City of the Witches”, to travel between Rome and Egypt, including spectral fortresses and magic. Walking in the old town you will admire churches, monuments and museums of the Samnite city.

From the Fortress of the Rectors you will reach the Lombard St. Sofia Church and the cloister with  its unusual structure.

Visit the Museo del Sannio or the ARCOS, which preserves an incredible collection tied to the Egyptian world. It will be possible to continue with  the impressive sight Arch of Traiano until to admire the Roman theater.

-> Ludoviguida recommend: stay for  lunch and do not  miss the tasting of typical liqueur “Strega” and nougats.


Outside the walls of Naples, expanding the horizons towards new  fixed in time landscapes. To bring history to light between the churches and palaces of the Samnite city.

In the old town you can visit surprising and unusual churches.

From the “cosmateschi” floors of the Church of S.Menna,to  the frescoed Judgement of the Church of the Santissima Annunziata. It will be possible to reach the Cathedral and the Monumental Complex linked to St. Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori. You can also visit the Museum housed in the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine.

-> Ludoviguida recommends: try the dishes made with the Mela Annurca , the local variety of apple.